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Lilac Bar - Temporarily Out - Coming Soon!

Big Fat Soap

Lilac Bar - Temporarily Out - Coming Soon!

$ 7.97

This delightful blend of essential oils and the creamy lather will put a smile on your face and comfort your skin. This is not the soap you remember from your childhood, unless of course you were lucky enough to experience handcrafted soap made with luxurious ingredients and garden botanicals. This big beauty bar offers plenty of moisturizing lather and the essential oil blend is pleasing to both men and women. The creamy lather this soap bar provides makes it a perfect shaving or shampoo bar as well. Take it with you in your travels to lighten the load and simplify the toiletries packing experience. Bath, shower, shave and shampoo all with one simple bar of soap? Try it, we’re confident you'll love it! Like all of our handcrafted soap, our Lilac Bar is a chunky 5 oz. hard, long-lasting bar, because we want our customers to receive the best value possible.

Each of our soap bars is made with skin-loving olive and avocado oils – never animal fats. We love what we do at Big Fat Soap and it shows in our simple soap – delicately made. Handcrafted soap makes an ideal gift for those hard to please friends and family members. Contains saponified canola (non-GMO), organic palm, coconut, olive, and avocado oils. Lilac Fragrance and rosemary oil extract (a natural antioxidant). Net wt 6 oz.

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