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Gritty Grime Destroyer Bar

Big Fat Soap

Gritty Grime Destroyer Bar

$ 7.97

Do you get your hands dirty? Really dirty? Do you have grease under your fingernails and need some extra cleaning power? Or are you looking for a wonderfully moisturizing soap that exfoliates while it softens and cleans your skin? We've taken our Extra Exfoliant Bar and added some things we think you'll like to remove all the grit and grime you can muster yet is kind to the skin.  We've added ground apricot seed, walnut shells, and loofah too, for scrubbing power. The essential oils petitgrain and a touch of patchouli provides a fresh  scent of citrus blossoms. Try it, we’re confident you'll love it!

Each of our soap bars is made with skin-loving olive and avocado oils – never animal fats. We love what we do at Big Fat Soap and it shows in our simple soap – delicately made. Handcrafted soap makes an ideal gift for those hard to please friends and family members. Contains saponified canola (non-GMO), organic palm, coconut, olive, and avocado oils. Petitgrain and patchouli essential oils, ground apricot seed, walnut shells, loofah, and rosehip, Rosemary oil extract (a natural antioxidant). Net wt 6 oz.


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