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Debbie Richards made this look so easy; it was her passion and her enjoyment.  I saw that when we first met at the Sugar Grove Farmer's Market a few years ago.  And that's when I first came to understand the value of her products.

At various times I've thought of "natural" products as a buzzword that has a following but virtually little meaning.  She taught me that natural in the soap context means no harsh chemicals or products stripped of their inherent value to be used in "higher end" products.

I then learned that natural soaps can be customized with virtually limitless qualities of scents, textures, colors, sizes, and shapes.  I loved how buying her larger bars meant I had fewer "stubs" of more bars which translated into less waste.  The bars lathered much better than major brands so I wasn't showering with an empty washcloth by the end of the shower.

Then I came to understand what she meant by affordable pampering.  There aren't many things I buy that provide so much extra value for a few dollars a month.  Try a few different varieties and learn which become your new favorites!  Thanks Deb for sharing and enriching my life!

  • Rachel Kantola on

    Congratulations, Steve! I am so happy you are taking over. I was stressing out about where I was gonna find good quality, natural soap! Best of luck in the future!

  • Gina Johannesson on

    Steve, I am SO happy you’ve taken on BFS. It’s a wonderful product and I was so unhappy that it was closing. Good luck to you. We wish you years of happy success. Orders will be coming in!

  • Debbie Richards on

    Oh Steve, you are so kind and thoughtful and I could not be happier to pass this baton to you! She’s in good and caring hands. Thank YOU!

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